Allegra Piazza

Director of Data and Insights, DevelopMetrics

Allegra Piazza, Director of Data and Insights at DevelopMetrics, is an international

development specialist with a strong focus on sustainability and agriculture technology.

Beyond her expertise in these areas, she holds a rich and comprehensive

understanding spanning food security, resilience, early warning systems for agriculture, digital advancement, WASH initiatives, private sector engagement, and education. At DevelopMetrics, Ms. Piazza's primary role is to leverage AI to improve development and humanitarian outcomes through the examination of insights derived from past

evidence, while also reinforcing open and inclusive digital ecosystems.


In her prior role as a Forensic Analyst at Deloitte, Ms. Piazza was actively involved in the examination and interpretation of substantial datasets, which greatly enriched her comprehension of statistical analysis. She also collaborated with a well-known consumer brand, dissecting metadata from social media to offer insights that played a pivotal role in shaping Danone's sales and customer acquisition strategies. Ms. Piazza holds a master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in Environmental, Economic, and Social Sustainability from ICTA-UAB, specializing in Ecological Economics. Furthermore, she earned her bachelor's degree in Business Sciences and Management from UPF.