Benson Kamau

Chief Executive Officer, Climate Smart Agriculture Excellence Centres

Benson Kamau, a driven entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of Climate Smart Agriculture Excellence Centres (CSAEC), holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from Kenyatta University. Passionate about agriculture, climate change, and community development, he co-founded the STEP PROGRAM to combat teenage early pregnancy in Kilifi County, Kenya. Benson, a sought-after speaker, has shared his insights at prominent summits like the AGRF summit in Abidjan and Accra in 2017 and 2019, as well as the CULTIAF conference in Nairobi in June 2023. CSAEC, established in 2019, operates as a social enterprise, running Climate Smart Farms serving as innovation hubs for sustainable agriculture. These farms showcase the commercial and environmental benefits of Climate Smart Agriculture, providing a benchmark for farmers to adopt innovative and environmentally friendly practices. CSAEC focuses on knowledge and skill development, offering affordable extension services, and collaborating with governmental institutions to disseminate key information on Climate Smart Agriculture techniques. The organization's inaugural project in Kilifi county has demonstrated increased productivity, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and enhanced resilience to climatic changes, offering valuable insights to local communities.