Dr. Abas Adebayo

Coordinator of the TAAT Cassava Compact

Dr Abas Adebayo is the Coordinator of the TAAT Cassava Compact with footprints in 12 countries. He is a Postharvest Specialist with expertise in food processing, food loss prevention, value chain development, development of agro-industries, food quality management, and food standards. He obtained his PhD degree from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Before joining IITA in 1995, he had worked as a university lecturer and research scientist in Nigeria. At IITA, he joined a team of scientists that developed the famous high-quality cassava flour (HQCF) technology in the 1990s and disseminated the technology across Africa. He contributed to the development of the cassava value chain across Africa. He led many research-for-development projects in Eastern, West and Southern Africa, focusing on cassava value chain (CVC) research and postharvest management of maize. He led the Youth in Agriculture Programme of IITA in Tanzaniawith the responsibility of ensuring African youth have positive mindset change towards agriculture. Dr Abass serves as a member of technical committees of Standards Agencies of Tanzania and Nigeria for developing national standards for cassava products, and he contributed to the harmonization of East African standards for cassava products. He has also contributed to the training MSc and PhD students from many countries.