Dr. Joseph Macharia

Founder, Mkulima Young

Joseph is a distinguished interdisciplinary research fellow and social entrepreneur with an extensive background spanning over 15 years in Agriculture and Entrepreneurship. His experience is globally diverse, covering regions such as Africa, Australia, and the Pacific. Joseph holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Agricultural Science and earned his PhD from Queensland University of Technology (QUT). His doctoral research focused on exploring the impact of digital technologies on agricultural entrepreneurship. Situated at the crossroads of entrepreneurship, agriculture, and digital technologies, Joseph's research has garnered considerable acclaim. His scholarly contributions have been published in high-impact journals and book chapters and featured at national and international conferences. In addition to his academic pursuits, Joseph founded an award-winning e-commerce platform specifically designed for farmers. This venture has earned him multiple accolades, recognizing his significant contributions to research and development. Joseph serves as a research fellow at QUT, where he continues to teach and conduct research, further solidifying his standing as a thought leader in his areas of expertise.