Dr. Titus Alicai

Director of Research, Rwebitaba ZARDI

Dr Titus Alicai is the Director of Research of Rwebitaba ZARDI. He served as former Principal Plant Virologist and Leader of the Root Crops Research Programme at the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO), Uganda. His main research goal is to understand and control plant viruses in sub-Saharan Africa, and he has extensive research experience on viral pathogens of cassava, sweet potato and yam. This includes virus taxonomy, molecular characterization, diagnosis, field epidemiology, effects on growth and yield, as well as tissue culture, genetic transformation and confined field evaluation of transgenic plants. He provided the first indication that Cassava brown streak disease is caused by two distinct viruses. The team that he leads, made up of over 100 researchers, has in recent years significantly contributed knowledge on cassava brown streak disease virology, whitefly vector, resistance breeding, transgenic control and clean seed systems.  Dr. Alicai is a reviewer for leading plant pathology journals, has authored over 60 scientific publications, collaborates widely, within Africa and internationally.