Mr. Daniel Magondu

Farmer, Society for Biotech Farmers of Kenya

Daniel Mugo Magondu is a Kenyan native born in 1954 within the precincts of Central Kenya's Kirinyaga County. Having received an education up to the O’ level, he proudly holds the East African Certificate of Education Division IV. His journey led him to the Kenya Police College, where he successfully graduated as a police constable, dedicating 17 diligent years in service to the Kenyan government. Subsequently, he embraced early retirement and embarked on a career in farming. As a modestly scaled farmer, he cultivates BT Cotton and maize.

In 2006, an important chapter in his life unfolded as he assumed the role of chairman for the Kirinyaga District Cotton Farmers Co-Operative Society. In this capacity, he orchestrated the convergence of farmer leaders, thus initiating the resurgence of cotton cultivation in Kirinyaga County. By 2008, his commitment and expertise were recognized as he was elected to represent Central Kenya's cotton farmers in the Cotton Development Authority. He served as a director in this capacity until 2013, when the cotton sub-sector underwent amalgamation with other government entities to form AFA.

In September of 2017, a significant opportunity arose as he participated in the Farmers Leadership Course conducted by the Cornell Alliance for Science Training. This transformative experience, held in Rock Island, Illinois, USA, equipped him with essential skills in communication, grassroots organizing, power mapping, and targeted strategies, which he seamlessly incorporated into his leadership of the Society for Biotechnology Farming of Kenya (SOBIFAK) as its chairman.

The year 2018 marked another milestone, as he represented Kenya as part of a delegation on a study tour to India. This enlightening excursion was organized by ISAAA Africenter in collaboration with the South Asia Biotechnology Centre, with the primary focus being on the acquisition of knowledge about insect-resistant Bt cotton. By 2020, the fruits of this knowledge were evident as BT cotton crops were sowed.

In 2022, his contributions were acknowledged and celebrated on an international stage. During the OFAB Day celebration in Accra, Ghana, Daniel Mugo Magondu was hailed as a biotechnology hero by the African Agricultural Technologies Foundation, further cementing his legacy in the field.