Renalda Mlay

Founder and CEO, Renie Fresh

Renalda Mlay, the inspiring CEO and Founder with a background in business, leadership, and management. With an amazing track record spanning more than 30 years, Renalda has suavely negotiated the worlds of Small & Medium Enterprises and Large Corporate organizations. Her influence goes beyond boardrooms. She successfully navigates the hurdles of the agricultural business as an Agripreneur, displaying her skill in project management among its complexity. Renalda, a Coventry University graduate with a master's degree in business management and a focus in international business, has vast experience with climate change, leadership, and food systems thanks to international trainings and symposiums.

She is well known for her dedication to mentoring and community support in addition to her professional skills. A believer in the power of leadership and growth, which is reflected in her passion for helping committed women and young people succeed in their careers. Her path is one of empowerment and inspiration; she has a broad range of abilities; smart thinking, and unshakable commitment which have made her a formidable force in both business and social life. She keeps paving the road for a better future where leadership and innovation, this goes hand in hand with heart intent on promoting excellence and igniting good change.