Dr. Jane Ininda

Head for Seed Research and Systems Development, AGRA

Dr. Jane Ininda is Head for Seed Research and Systems Development at AGRA and leads crop research, seed production, and seed certification and regulatory interventions.  Her career in agricultural science and development in Africa spans 30+ years.  She has led teams of professional crop breeders in 18 Africa countries who have developed and released 685 resilient and climate smart crop varieties.  More than 450 of those varieties have been commercialized by 100+ private seed companies in Africa.  She has more than 40 publications as peer reviewed papers, and book chapters.  This is in addition to blogs, media articles and many impact stories.  Realizing the importance of forming strong alliances and sharing updated information and knowledge among agricultural scientists she has propelled several networks in crop breeding for Africa.   She has also featured the effects of food shortage in a film ‘Silent Killer-the unfinished Campaign against hunger’.  Jane holds a Ph.D. in Plant Breeding-Major, from Iowa State University, USA.  She is a recipient of the C.R. Weber Award in recognition for outstanding achievement in graduate study in Crop Science at Iowa State University, USA.