Ms. Lindsey Moore

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, DevelopMetrics, USA

Lindsey Moore, CEO and Founder of DevelopMetrics, is a seasoned economist and data scientist with over 15 years of experience in designing, managing, and evaluating international development projects. Recognized as the most promising female-owned tech startup of 2022 by Tiger Global Ventures and the Global Entrepreneurship Network, DevelopMetrics harnesses the power of data science to improve development outcomes. Ms. Moore has a diverse background, having served as a Foreign Service Officer at USAID in various capacities, including Country Economist in Bangladesh, Regional Caribbean Economist based in the Dominican Republic, and Senior Economist of the Asia Bureau. Additionally, she is a Research Fellow at the research arm of the United Nations in Maastricht, Netherlands, where she conducts cutting-edge research on data science applications to development. With her extensive experience and expertise, Ms. Moore brings valuable insights to governments, companies, and NGOs looking to break down technology barriers and drive progress in the field of international development. Ms. Moore speaks on a wide range of topics related to international development, economic growth, and data science. Some specific areas of fo past engagements include: A keynote address at a conference on economic growth in Africa, where she shared her insights on the role of data science in driving economic performance in the region and discussed best practices for governments, companies, and NGOs looking to drive economic growth. As a guest speaker at a data science and development conference, Lindsey Moore shared her expertise on the use of data to improve agricultural productivity and protect the environment. She discussed specific examples of how DevelopMetrics has worked with governments and NGOs to harness the power of data science in these areas. Lindsey Moore was invited to give a speech at a public financial management symposium, where she discussed her experience in evaluating and improving the public financial management systems. She shared best practices and approaches to improve the effectiveness and accountability of public financial management systems. Lindsey Moore was a panelist at a women in leadership summit, where she shared her insights on her career journey as a female CEO in the field of data science and development. She discussed the challenges she faced and how she overcame them and provided guidance for women looking to pursue similar careers. Ms. Moore was a keynote speaker at an international development conference, where she discussed her experience as a foreign service officer at USAID and provided valuable insights on the challenges and opportunities facing developing countries. She discussed how to overcome barriers and drive progress in the field of development, and provided examples of successful development projects and programs.