Ms. Hazel Awino

Chief Executive Officer, Agri Innovation Hub, Kenya

Agri Innovation Hub was founded in 2019 by Hazel Awino, a 4th year student at Kenyatta University with the aim of highlighting agricultural innovations done by the youth but never see the light of day. As time went by we realized that the potato value chain is one of the largest with over 800,000 farmers but with no structure so we thought of streamlining the potato value chain which has remained unstructured for a long time to the disadvantage of the farmer. This prompted her to came up with an App that provides solution by bringing all stakeholders together. This include farmers, soil testers, farm input providers, agronomists, weather forecasters, farm machinery providers, financiers, transporters, potato bulk buyers etc. The App, Agri Hub Soko has won various awards including Code Hack 2020 sponsored by Pwani Tekno Galz and Vijana Na Agribiz by Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC).