Vivianne Meta

Director of Business and Technical Services, LocateIT Limited

Ms. Vivianne Meta is the Director of Business and Technical Services at LocateIT Limited, a Space and Geomatics company based in Nairobi, Kenya. She has vast experience in the use and application of Geographic Information Systems, Earth Observation, Surveying and GIT technologies. A Geomatics Engineering graduate, Ms. Meta is involved in managing and coordinating the execution of LocateIT’s geospatial projects including those entailing policy formulation, implementation, development, monitoring & evaluation. She is also involved in business development and as the project manager, plays an instrumental role in the implementation of flagship projects developed, conceptualised, and implemented by LocateIT. She also serves as the national representative (PoC) for Kenya for the African Aeronautics and Space Organisation (AASO). Vivianne is also a member of the African Leadership Conference (ALC) on Space Science (Youth Forum) – a body concerned with promoting enabling environments for the advancements of the Space industry in Africa. Ms. Meta was in 2019 listed among the Top 10 under 30 Space professionals in Africa disrupting the space ecosystem while creating a global impact. Beyond just being a professional in the industry, Vivianne is extremely passionate about space science and attributes her motivation to the satisfaction gained from seeing communities in Africa getting transformed through the work she does, most importantly, the application of geo technologies for sustainable development initiatives. She is passionate about mentorship for youth and women, and would do just about anything to steer this space revolution globally and influence the next the generation of space scientists,  enthusiasts and geo-savvy community.