Zola Madaga

Global Fellows Coordinator, Alliance for Science

Zola Madaga is an extraordinary individual who epitomizes agricultural resilience through innovation. With nearly a decade of experience in delivering successful agricultural projects and programs, Zola has established herself as a highly accomplished Project Management Professional. Equipped with a BSc in Project Management and Science Communication and Advocacy training from the prestigious Alliance for Science Fellowship Programme at Cornell University, Zola possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively communicate and advocate for agricultural technologies. Her expertise lies in providing practical solutions to challenges faced by farmers, including pests, diseases, and the detrimental effects of climate change. Driven by a vision of unrestricted access to agricultural innovations, Zola is passionate about empowering communities to enhance productivity, sustainability, and overall livelihoods. Her focus on economic development, nutrition, and well-being underscores her dedication to creating a better future through agriculture.